welcome to the jungle

Also you guys should listen to 'open season' by @josefsalvat too! - Asami xx
If I don't have to do a tweet twice then we know something's up every bloody time - Asami xx
This song is brilliant, been listening to alot of @josefsalvat lately&getting a tad obsessed with'hustler'! youtu.be/X9Yv6J6Vzyw -Asami x
That was a link to a Mars bar advert... Awkward - Asami xx
I gotta tell u to show love ? C'mon #ohana isnt meant to be like that
It's crazy how a normal tweet gets no attention and the moment I mention handing out selfies London Australia Russia Saudi Arabia China ...
I know most of you are at school so I will give u guys until 5pm because I'm nice
How about a selfie spree on "neonjunglemusic" later ?! Let's see how many rt & faves this can get then I will set a time 400+
Know your worth never settle for less to please others
Yet so complex
Just wanna love & be loved
You can't treat me like you treat themYes, I am the crme de la crme
'Cause you love it then you leave itBut you know how bad I need it .
Drained is an absolute understatement